Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lotd 4-23

This week's look features a new sweater/shirt combo that I got on the Marketplace, it is made by Gizza, I have only gotten a couple of items from them. but I thought this one looked pretty cool. I put a new hair I got from unclewebb called Hibiki. I am wearing a bracelet from Hod and I put on my candy cross necklace from Primitive Designs to match. I also really like the way Mandala's bracer sinra matched the argyle sweater. The eyes I recently picked up from Poetic Colors.


Skin: Unique Megastore Apolo 1
Hair: Unclewebb- Hibiki
Eyes: Poetic Colors bright mystery
Shirt/Sweater: Gizza- Argyle Suit Sweaters
Pants: Muism- Straight Fit jeans/Dark Rinse
Shoes: Kboots- black
Tattoo: Endless Pain- Japanese Dragon
Necklace: Primitive Design- Candy Cross
R. Bracelet- HoD- Fallen Bracelet
L. Bracelet- Mandala- Sinra red
Earrings: +Rozoregalia+ Gemma

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lotd 4-16


I was at Atui and saw their hair tat designs and I really liked this one and picked it up and put this Madesign mohawk with it. I put one of GothiCatz new outfit with it and thought it looked really cool. I put some new piercings from HoD with it and my favorite earrings from Rozoregalia. I think its amazing how different the same skin can look depending on what you wear with it.


Skin: Belleza- Shawn
Hair: Madesigns- Jake black
Eyes: Poetic Colors- Glowing Coal
Jacket with shirt & scarf- Gothicatz- Opus
Pants- Fir & Mina Pinstrike grey
Shoes- Evocative- Cuban Black
Rings- Rozoregalia - Gazellver
Necklace- Earthstones- Phoenix
Earrings- Rozoregalia - Nornir
Facial Piercings- HoD-  Bump in the night

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lotd 4-9

Today is the last day of the Fantasy Faire. I have to say that the builds there are amazing, some of the best that I have seen for a faire, and so many sims. They were all very well done.

The jacket and shirt set and the pants are from the Rfyre store, and the boots are from the Forsaken vendor that is in the vampy area at the Faire. The tattoo is also from the Endless Pain store at the Faire, not sure which area though. I also went to the Japan Project FUR sim and found a couple cool things, including this necklace and ring set from Kosh.

Skin: Unique Megastore Jhonny
Eyes: Poetic Colors Ocean- midnight sea
Eyeliner Tat- Mystique Thick Black eyeliner
Hair: Uw- Rafin meteor
Jacket & shirt: Rfyre HardTails black
Pants: Rfyre Immortal Tribal Black
Boots: Forsaken- Step on my Fuckin boots
Tattoo: Endless Pain- Japanese Dragon 2
Necklace: Kosh- Shepherds Glen Necklace Fire- Silver
L. Ear Piercing: Mandala- Takayama black
Lip Piercing: HoD- Bitten Piercing v3
R. Ring: Rozoregalia Archelon type 3
L. Ring: Kosh- Shepherds Glen Ring Fire- Silver